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About – Clare Chambers

I grew up in the county of Yorkshire in Northern England – the birthplace of the 19th Century Industrial Revolution and Chartism (being a history buff, I love that!) and have since lived in several other places, including Regensburg (Bavaria), York, Leeds, London, Nottingham, and most recently, Bremen & Hamburg in Northern Germany.

Although I don’t have a broad Yorkshire accent, I’m a member of the Yorkshire Dialect Society and possess the characteristic grit, wit and thriftiness of my entrepreneurial ancestors. Or so I’m told.

While studying at the University of York and Nottingham Law School, I launched a freelance copywriting business and grew it into a remote marketing agency. After selling that agency at the age of 28, I was considering careers in both commercial litigation and investor relations.

By a stroke of serendipity, however, a friend introduced me to the worlds of internet marketing and edtech where I excelled, eventually helping a long-list of VC-backed start-ups to scale-up their brands, including Asana, Masterclass, VIP Kid, and others.

More recently I became a subject matter expert for the many iterations of Google’s Squared Online certification in Digital Marketing Leadership, The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and Dot Native, as well as an educational consultant for leading UK apprenticeship providers, which introduced me to the concept of debt-free alternative education.

Hence, I’m challenging recruitment and education norms through my current ventures and helping to bridge the UK’s digital skills gap.

Business principles I like…

đź’ˇValue Your Time

đź’ˇThe 10X Rule

đź’ˇTake The Fast Lane

đź’ˇYou Only Need 1000 True Fans

đź’ˇNetworking Events Are an Ineffective Way to Network

đź’ˇEmail is Dead, Long Live Email!

đź’ˇWe Can’t All Be Entrepreneurs

đź’ˇDon’t Build Your Brand on Rented Land

đź’ˇPrinciples Are Like Lighthouses

đź’ˇAffiliate Marketers Make Better All-Round Digital Marketers

đź’ˇApprenticeships Are the Future of Work & Education


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Psst. If you’ve never even heard of Yorkshire (*scoffs of disbelief*), the largest historic county in both England and the United Kingdom, go here, and then here to read about some of the most notable people from the county.

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