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Ventures – Clare Chambers

What I’m Working On…

Skills Lens is a growth and insight consultancy in the education industry. We also provide granular skills data relating to local skills demand, which helps educators to make more impactful, data-driven decisions regarding their training provision. We work with digital, tech and creative skills providers in particular. 


FEPD (CPD for FE!) is an education marketplace (in beta) to help further education professional to stay up to date in their subject specialisms. Certifications & courses are designed to supplement other widely accepted, accredited training for the industry. 


Degreeship (in beta) is a cool platform for promoting degree-level apprenticeships as a smarter option for higher education without the price tag of a traditional degree.



Passion Projects

There is no German equivalent of our National Trust or English Heritage overseeing the preservation of as well as facilitating wider access to historic houses, castles and museums (and, yes, I’m aware of ‘Denkmalschutz’). Despite there being certain bureaucratic reasons for this, I’m leading a trailblazing project named “Frederick” (as in The Great of Prussia) in partnership with German entrepreneurs, expats and historians. My dad happens to be a leading UK heritage access consultant, which probably inspired my thinking here… 


Ferritin.org began as a 5,000+ member Facebook group which promoted awareness of commonly mistreated iron disorders, and it is now the leading peer-to-peer support forum for these complex disorders on the internet. 



Past Ventures

Internaut.group was originally the name under which I operated my media buying and lead generation company. Now it’s evolved into the holding group for all of my digital (ad)ventures. 


I grew my freelance copywriting business into a 100% remote agency called ‘Cross Borders’ which I later sold. We supplied custom and localised web content of various types to other online businesses expanding into non-English speaking markets. 

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